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CBP™ Sales Certification

The Global Standard for Essential Sales skills is now available at the click of a mouse. Developed by the International Business Training Association, the CBP™ Sales course lays the foundation for professional selling by developing the selling process using effective sales methodologies. You will learn the skills and tactics of the leading sales professionals and take part in interactive scenarios to master those skills. This CBP™ Sales course covers all the major sales stages and teaches the best practices in the sales industry, and equips you to take the Certified Business Professional (CBP) international certification exam. The International Business Training Association provides global standards for a global workforce ensuring that essential business skills standards are developed, established and maintained.

Welcome 10 minutes
Instructions 10 minutes
Module 1 - Intro To Sales 60 minutes
Module 2 - Prospecting Success Strategies 60 minutes
Module 3 - First Contact Success Strategies 60 minutes
Module 4 - Qualification 60 minutes
Module 5 - Presentation 60 minutes
Module 6 - Objection Resolution 60 minutes
Module 7 - Closing Success 60 minutes
Module 8 - Wrap up and follow up 60 minutes
Congratulations! 10 minutes
CBP™ Sales Certification
$164.00 USD

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