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South Dakota Workers' Compensation Series Training and Exam (4 hours)




South Dakota Workers’ Compensation Insurance System Overview

Learn the ins and outs of how insurance companies compete for the premium dollars of South Dakota employers. This module covers the technical aspects of the rating system in South Dakota including loss costs, loss cost multipliers, premium discounts, the expense constant, schedule rating and experience modifications. Plus, you will learn how South Dakota administers its assigned risk plan, the role of NCCI in South Dakota, the market share of insurance carriers, self-insurance requirements and the regulatory power of the South Dakota Division of Insurance.

Module 1 – Overview of the South Dakota Workers’ Compensation Legal System

This module covers the various sections of South Dakota’s Workers’ Compensation Act including employee and employer status, covered injuries, occupational diseases and calculating benefits. Uncover the various rules on notice, waiting periods, mental injuries and statutes of limitation. You will learn the role of the South Dakota Department of Labor including the hearing process as well as understand the role of managed care plans, treatment guidelines and the medical fee schedule.

Module 2 – Key Legal Issues in South Dakota Workers’ Compensation – Part I

In this module, you will learn some of the most common issues litigated in South Dakota workers’ compensation cases including the meaning of “a major contributing cause,” aggravation vs. recurrence of an injury, the last injurious exposure rule and what constitutes a permanent and total disability claim including odd-lot disability.

Module 3 – Key Legal Issues in South Dakota Workers’ Compensation – Part II

In South Dakota, employers have several defenses available to a worker’s allegations of a compensable claim. This module provides an in-depth examination of what constitutes willful misconduct including intoxication, drug use, failure to use a safety appliance, breaking safety rules and failing to follow a doctor’s orders. Plus, this module also examines how the South Dakota Supreme Court and the South Dakota Department of Labor have interpreted the three-day notice requirement and employee excuses for non-compliance.

Module 4 – The South Dakota Workers’ Compensation Update 2007

This  recorded Webinar provides information from 2007 on South Dakota Supreme Court cases, South Dakota Department of Labor decisions and legislative changes.

Module 5- Trend in South Dakota Workers' Compensation Live Update 2008

This live or recorded Webinar provides up-to-the-minute information on new South Dakota Supreme Court cases, South Dakota Department of Labor decisions and legislative changes. You can choose to attend the annual live session or view a recorded version at a more convenient date throughout the year to complete your SDWCS designation or keep it up-to-date.

Exam -

One exam is included in the South Dakota Workers' Compensation Series training. It consists of 50 questions with a 90 minute time period.
You must take South Dakota training modules before taking this exam.  You will have one attempt to pass this exam. The pass mark is 70%.

 About the Author... Eric C. Blomfelt, J.D., CPCU, ARM.


Mr. Blomfelt is a former Assistant Professor of Business Law at the University of Northern Colorado and has worked in South Dakota workers' compensation for over 10 years in various positions with insurance brokers and companies. He currently represents insurance companies and employers in the legal defense of workers' compensation claims with the firm of Eric C. Blomfelt & Associates, P.C.


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