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How Workers' Compensation Works for Agents and Brokers


This program is an excerpt from the 11 course modules of How Workers' Compensation Works and will focus on what Agents and Brokers need to know working in the workers' compensation system.

 This audio & visual  training includes:

Module 1 - History and Overview of the Workers' Compensation System
From its beginnings in Wisconsin to today's system in all 50 states, learn how and why all 50 states have now adopted a structure of a negligence-free workplace.

Module 2 - Workers' Compensation Insurance Basics
A workers' compensation insurance policy provides distinct coverage for an employer's exposure to statutory workers' compensation liability. Learn how a workers' compensation policy provides coverage for certain types of workplace injuries, the important exclusions and limitations on coverage.

Module 3 - Calculating Workers' Compensation Insurance Premiums
Loss costs, loss cost multipliers, rates, experience modification factors, schedule credits, premium discounts, expense contant. Unravel the mystery and learn why some employers pay much more than others for the same coverage.

Module 4 - Risk Financing Alternatives for Workers' Compensation
A traditional insurance policy is just one method employers choose to provide an available source of funds to provide payments to injured workers. Understand why some employers choose self-insurance, large deductible plans, self-insured retentions and captives.

Module 5 - Basic Concepts in Workers' Compensation Law
Workers' compensation law provides important guarantees and limitations on a workers right to receive payment for injuries suffered on the job. This module covers the basics on the employer/employee relationship and the key aspects of workers' compensation law affecting all employers and employees.

Agents & Brokers-How Workers' Compensation Works
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