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"Chiropractors and Workers' Compensation, What's the Problem?"

Chiropractors and Workers' Compensation
Presenter: Dr. Marc Gilerovich of The ALARIS Group

Join us and get the answers to your questions regarding chiropractors and workers' compensation.

Learn the history and philosophy behind the chiropractic approach as well as the difference between chiropractic medicine and medical doctors. You will also learn what chiropractic notes should contain, ways to deal with over-treating, and how to better communicate with chiropractors to get what you need. Overall, this presentation will help you to understand the chiropractor’s approach and how you can have a more successful outcome in dealing with a chiropractic worker’s compensation file.

The ALARIS Group is the leading resource for insurance carriers, attorneys and employers striving to maximize the recovery of injured employees – and minimize the financial impact. They offer proven case management skills and a suite of specialized consulting services – with unmatched expertise and geographic coverage.

Run Time: 50 minutes

Chiropractors & Workers'Compensation. What's the Problem?


  • Original Air Date November 2009
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